"Believe it or not, Hydretain is a hard sell in the California market, even with the critical drought we have here. People are skeptical, and I´┐Żll admit I was a little skeptical myself. I applied product to one of my jobs, which is the property for a local water irrigation district, and then cut their irrigation in half. The quality of the property was maintained with a 50% reduction in water usage - the water district staff were amazed how well this worked. I am very pleased myself and wanted to thank you for a great product. I have been in the landscape industry for 30 years, and I am very excited about your product, and now I have some proof of how well this does work in my area. I can now concentrate on getting this application on all my jobs with the proof that I have."

~ R. Stephens, Vice President - Creative Outdoor Environments 10/2014

"We sold $961 of Moisture Manager applications in just 4 days! Thanks for helping us with the drought! We really needed an alternative treatment besides aerating."

~ M. Todd - Fairway Lawn Service and Green Lawns 10/2014

"Want to tell you we are very pleased with the outcome on our grass. Even we water the lawn only twice a week and most days in the 90's, the grass is GREEN! We will have Moisture Manager again next summer! Thank you for your great service."

~ Mary Pat and Kevin

"There are many landscape products that come out on the market each year and it’s hard to know which products really work. But after viewing some YouTube videos and reading the brochures about Hydretain, we decided to give it a try. We applied Hydretain to a 36,000 square foot test area on one of our properties. After the initial application, the watering times were decreased by 33% to only 2 days per week due to the drought restrictions being enforced in Colorado Springs. Temperatures were above 95 degrees and there was no rain in sight. This was the ultimate test of Hydretain’s effectiveness and it did not disappoint! All of our properties showed significant stress to the turf - except for the test property that Hydretain had been applied. We are fully convinced that Hydretain has what it takes to keep a lawn healthy while helping to keep costs lower by saving water. We will be recommending Hydretain to all of our customers. Thank you for this wonderful product!"

~ D Mulvey, President - JTB Landscaping, Inc.

"We used the Hydretain product early this fall on a lawn that needed aerification and overseeding after the summer drought. We treated all the areas that were thin with Hydretain except one area in the back yard, so we could see the difference without the product. Wow, what a difference! This [Hydretain] goes on every job that we seed from now on.”

~ D. Tronge - Greensman, Inc. 10/2012

"I have been pleased to introduce this great product to our service selections. We have been in business for over 70 years in Worcester Massachusetts. The cost of water and increased water ban restrictions have prompted an interest with all consumers, not just our customers. I tested Hydretain on my lawn two seasons ago and it definitely worked. Unfortunately, I  tested it during the August drought, but it remarkably turned my lawn around in about 7 days with a little added water. By the way, I do  not have irrigation yet. We have increased our business revenue by $10,000 in the first season. We have added approximately 100 new customers and this year we are expecting to double this number. It is an easy sale. Once our customers can see the savings, and that its environmentally responsible, they jump on board. I have been exceptionally pleased with your marketing team and their efforts to market this product to my customers. I believe this will change the green industry. I’m excited to see the direction this goes. I predict this to be my future cash cow."

~ C. Ford 4/2012

"We've used this product on hundreds of lawns and have seen it work first hand. We usually recommend, to our customers who use it, that to keep the lawn nice and green and healthy all summer that they water twice per week for 25 minutes per zone in the am. Those who don't use it would usually require 3 times per week for the same level of results. If you don't water at all or are required to only water once per week the product is still very valuable. It helps the lawn avoid drought stress longer and also helps it to recover faster if the lawn does turn brown from lack of water."

~ M. Powers 4/2011